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Corporate objective
Quality Policy
Chairman & Managing Director
Board of Directors
Senior Management
Organizational Chart
Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
Production & Utilisation of Resources
To design and build sophisticated ships for Navy and Coast Guard organisations with the aim of achieving self-sufficiency in this vital technology.
To build commercial vessels like Offshore Supply Vessels, Oceanographic & Coastal Research Vessels, Fishing Vessels, Dredgers, Tugs, etc.
  To carry out ship repairs.
To promote use of indigenous equipment such as computers, radar, communication equipment, auxiliary machinery, electrical fittings and domestic equipment.
  To substitute gradually indigenous equipment in place of imported equipment.

Social Objectives
  To help build up a strong industrial base through development of ancillaries.
Encourage Scheduled Caste/Tribe persons by giving them preference in employment in the company and in the promotion of SC/ST employees as specified by the Government.
To ensure that the ecological balance is not disturbed due to industrialisation, through pollution control, wherever required.
To reinforce Government’s efforts in promoting social justice to the people at large by formulating corporate policies on employment, welfare, workers’ participation, consistent with the Government’s policies. Promote use of Hindi as a medium of communication.
Specialized Coastal Patrol Goa
Export Promotion & Import Substitution
  Earn foreign exchange through shipbuilding and ship repair.

Employee Relations & Welfare
  To improve productivity by harmonious industrial relations.
  Promote welfare activities to raise morale of the employees.
Promote development of managerial and technical skills of the Company’s employees through development programmes and technical training. Provide training to a large number of apprentices for absorption in the Company’s own unit and in other industries.
To improve standards of safety with the help of a sound safety organisation and training personnel at all levels in safety so as to reduce accidents and loss of man hours.

Raise Productivity by R&D and Quality Control
Maintain high standard of quality through strict quality control measures to the fullest satisfaction of the customer and to build up an image of the Company.
Make sustained efforts for self-reliance through continuous R&D on extensive basis and develop viable design capability.
Generation and maximization of internal financial resources for enhancing growth and maximization of the return on investment.
  Enhancement of the Company’s share in the total industrial output.
Research Vessel India