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Building Bays, Slipsways & Outfitting Jetty
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Building Bay
Building Bays
GSL has three large self supporting all weather building bays with a working floor area over 10,000 sq.m. With a maximum length of 200 m, an inside width of 25 m. and craneage capacity of upto 40 tonnes, these bays are fully equipped for construction, modernisation and repair of all types of naval crafts and medium sized commercial vessels.

(I) Production and Assembly Bays 

Sr. No Description Dimensions L*B*D (in Mtrs) Crane Facility Largest Size of Hull Max.Launch
1 Bay - I (Unraised) 115.3* 10T/5T,5T 60m*11m*6m 600T
2 Bay - I (Raised) 100*24.3*18 30T/15T/10T,10T 60m*11m*6m 600T
3 Bay -2 143.5*20.4*9.5 10T/2T,5T,10T/5T 50m*8m*5m 300T
4 Bay -3 95.7*26.9*15 30T/10T/15T,20T/5T 105m*12m*8.5m 1000T

GSL has four slipways[ Having dimensions 216M x 22M, 182M x 22M, 119M x 29.6M and 79M x 19.6M] Capable of launching and  docking vessels having drafts upto 5M and docking weight upto 2500tons.

(II) Slipways

Sr. No  Slip No Size L*B (in Mtrs) Crane Largest Size of Hull Max.Launch Weight
1 1 182*22 Mobile Cranes 105m*12m*8.5m 2000 T
2 2 216*22 3T,5T,8T,18T 105m*12m*8.5m 2500T
3 3 78.9*12 22T,40T & 60m*11m*6m 600T
4 4 119*12 100 T 105m*12m*8.5m 1000T
5 Hard stand/Transfer Bay 65*27   50m*8m*5m  

Outfitting Jetty
The 180 m. long jetty is equipped to carry out outfitting and basin trials of ships to the highest ship building standards.

(III) Fittingout Facilities

Sr. No Description Size L*B (in Mtrs) Water depth Crane Max size of Vessel
1 F.O Jetty 180*12 4.5m
18T,22T,40T at 3m radius, 30 feet boom length - 1 each mobile cranes. 3T,5T,8T mobile cranes-1 each boom
Having a draft of about 4
length - 15 feet, 3T floating crane. 100T at 5m radius, 16 m boom length - one no.