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Human Resource at Goa Shipyard Ltd.
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GSL firmly believes that its people are the most valuable resource & are the key to its success. To retain & nurture this talent at GSL, we have a well established personnel department which plays a very significant role in the functioning of the organization.

Induction and On-Boarding
To nurture new talent in the organization GSL has a comprehensive orientation and induction program. The induction program is customized for each stream which not only take care of making joinee well versed with his/her function but also the focus is to make them aware of overall business of the organization thereby providing a thrust for all round performance of the individual. Moreover special focus is laid on functional area which helps individual in appreciating his/her role in the organization

Training And Development
“ The only real security that a man will have in this world is
a reserve of knowledge, experience, and ability ”
GSL believes that Training & Development is an important pillar on which the organization current performance and future growth depends.

We have a well managed training need assessment procedure which identifies the training required by its employees to remain abreast with the changing and growing technological scenario. Based on the needs the required training program and the training institutes which imparts such trainings are identified and a schedule for the complete year is formulated as "Annual Training Calendar" Feedback is an integral part of the training & development process so a Three Dimensional training feedback seeking mechanism is followed where in feedback is taken from faculty/institute, employee himself and from his superior, so as to ensure that the training has fulfilled both organization's and employees expectations and aspirations.

Performance Management System
“Goals in writing are dreams with deadlines”
In this cut throat competition no organization can survive without consistent performance and regular improvements. Goa Shipyard has a well developed Performance Management System which is based on Management by Objectives principle. Key Result Areas of every Executive is identified by the Appraiser in an open discussion. The performance progress is evaluated on half yearly basis, one-to-one session to ensure job clarity which is essential for performing upto expectations. The PMS system also identifies the achievements and shortfall of the employee along with the factors that had helped or hindered him during the year.

Performance Management System
GSL has many in-house programs which lay emphasis on the need of recognition by employees. Programs such as -
  Commendation Awards for exceptional and outstanding performers to inculcate a culture of quality work.
  Safe driving Awards for contributing to the social safety.
  Vigilance Awards for contributing to the integrity of the organization by remaining attentive to the environment.
  Suggestion Awards
  Loyalty Awards for providing committed service to the organization.