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The boat is suitable for day / night surveillance and investigation vessel operating in shallow waters in and around harbour, and anchorage. The boat is highly seaworthy, unsinkable type ( having 10% reserve buoyancy even when filled with water ) and is able to sustain operation upto sea state 2 in open sea and also in breaking sea waves near the coast while in shallow water. The boat is having propulsion, power generation, life saving & ballistic protection and other engineering and electrical systems to carry out safe and reliable operation to perform the following functions.

  Undertake harbour and nearby coastal patrol independently.
  Investigate suspected vessels in/near harbour/anchorage for law enforcement duties.
  Limited search and rescue operations in and around harbour.
  Transportation of limited men and material between shore and vessels at anchorage.

Basic Function
Day/night surveillance and investigation vesseloperating in shallow waters in and around harbour, and anchorage for law enforcement duties
Material of Construction
Hull Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP)
Wheelhouse FRP with bullet proof panels
Classification Indian Register of Shipping (IRS)
Main Particulars
Length Overall 9.85 M
Length on Waterline 9.25 M
Breadth max. 3.380 M
Draught at Amidships 0.65 M (Light)
Draught (max.) 0.74 M
Displacement 5.40 Tons (full load condition)
Accommodation 4 crews and upto 10 passengers
Fuel Oil 650 Litres
Fresh Water 100 Litres
Speed 40 knots
Range 75 NM at 25 knots with 25 % reserve
Propulsion System
Main Engine 2 x 275 BHP VERADO MARINER OBMs
Networks 12V DC
Deck Equipment Bollards, Fairlead, Bow roller, Tow hook etc.
Auxiliary Systems As per Class requirements
Armament Provision for fitment of one LMG at foredeck and locker for stowage of arms.
Nautical, Surveillance and Communication Equipment
Magnetic compass, VHF & Police Radio, Walkie-talkies, Siren, Loudhailer, Electric Whistle, marine & night vision binoculars, Search light.
Life Saving Appliances Life jackets, life buoys etc.
Personal Protection Equipment Bullet proof life jackets & bullet proof helmets etc.