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The vessel is meant for transportation of High speed Diesel, Aviation fuel and fresh water. The vessel is designed for restricted coastal and Inland services. the hull and superstructure is of all mild steel construction.

a)Main Particulars
L.O.A. 60.12 M
Length B.P. 56.10 M
Breadth Moulded 09.80 M
Depth (Moulded) at side upto main deck 03.90 M
Draft 03.00 M
Displacement 1245 TONS
b)Cargo Tank Capacities
High Speed Diesel 400 Tons
Aviation Fuel 100 Tons
Fresh Water 100 Tons
Speed and Endurance Ship speed 12 Knots Range 1500 Kn miles Endurance 10 days
c) Propulsion
Twin Diesel Driven, With each Engine Driving a Fixed Pitch Propeller.
Main Engine Output (each) 1300 BHP at 1800 RPM
Propeller Diameter 1750 mm.
d) Main Generator : Diesel driven main generator will be provided of capacity 2 x 100 KVA