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The Extra Fast Patrol Vessel is a sea going, high speed, armed surveillance platform, capable of shallow water operations.

The vessel is primarily designed for anti-smuggling operations, anti-terrorist operation, fisheries protection and Search and Rescue operations.

It is also designed to support the Navy during war time as a coastal convoy escort and a communication link.

The vessel is fitted with 30mm Gun on forward, machine guns on P&S sides and state of the art navigational & communication equipment. Options are available to fit naval stabilized gun systems of various makes with Multisensor Stabilized Integrated System as well as night vision devices and additional armaments aft.

Powered by three 2720 KW MTU engines, driving independent KaMeWa water jets, this vessel boasts excellent maneuverability and is capable of operation in rough sea up to sea state 4 ,can withstand sea state 6 and has an operational range of 1500 nm

Living conditions on board are suitable for 7 days endurance at sea and also permanent stay on board at anchorage.

Length Overall 48.14 Meters
Length Water Level 43.50 Meters
Beam Moulded 7.50 Meters
Depth Moulded 4.00 Meters
Draught (Mean) 2.00 Meters
Full Displacement 270 Tonnes
Engines 3 nos MTU-F 16V4000 M90, each producing 2720KW at 2040 RPM
Water Jet System 3 nos. KAMEWA make type 71SII
Speed (Trial) 35 Knots
Generators 3x80KW
Endurance Not less than1500 NM
Crew 35 men
Accommodation Fully Air Conditioned